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Contact Number Mapper


Removes duplicate entries found in Import and Number Mapper files. Duplicate records are not checked across multiple Import or Number Mapper files.

Randomizes the lines in your Number Mapper file so they are not always in the same order. (Recommended)

Select to automatically deliver Number Mapper Files to Voapps and launch a DirectDrop Voicemail campaign. A copy of the Number Mapper file will always be kept in the Manage Mapped File tab for your review.

The selected Number Mapper template has a field for specifying the Outbound Number. Selecting this option will create a single Number Mapper file with the OBNs in the column(s) designated in your template.

When selecting OBNs to be used as the calling number on a contact, Favor using the same OBN whenever possible or Randomly assign it from the set of suitable OBNs.

Create individual Number Mapper output files for each OBN or for each Entity. You may also create an individual Number Mapper output file for every OBN / Entity combination by selecting Both OBN & Entity or you may Ignore grouping altogether.

Select a Voapps message to be used if no message is found in Voapps for the Number Mapper assigned Outbound Calling Number.

Outbound numbers that have multiple Voapps messages may be assigned in this campaign.

Select Assign to assign entities to these messages so they use the proper Voapps message when Number Mapper assigns one of these outbound numbers. This is a 1-time assignment.

Select Ignore to use the Default Message you select for this campaign when one of these outbound numbers is used.


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Please upload .csv file

Select a list of contacts you wish to Number Map and scrub for OBN number labeling and blocking. These can be .CSV or Excel files – but the columns and fields must match the selected Import Template.


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