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The current state of call labeling & call blocking in the Accounts Receivables Management
This comprehensive February 2020 study measures the impact of current Call Labeling & Call Blocking practices on outbound calls from the Accounts Receivable Management industry
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In a first of its kind study performed by Number Sentry, the real-world impact of how a typical consumer experiences an incoming call from the Accounts Receivables Management (ARM) industry was verified.  The study ran for 3-weeks in February 2020 and involved over 223,000 calls placed from 561 ARM telephone numbers currently used by ARM companies for outbound consumer calls. 

The study focused on 2 important aspects:

  1. The blocking of ARM originated calls by carriers and apps and the implications of this blocking
  2. The labeling of the calls to be delivered to ARM consumers, including the degree of mislabeling of these calls

Study Highlights

ARM originated calls are Blocked
or Labeled at varying rates depending
on the players involved in the call



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Number Sentry helps outbound callers manage how their outbound calls are presented to consumers.  Starting with visibility, our online portal identifies which of your outbound numbers are being blocked on 20 USA mobile networks, 4 Cable telephony providers and the Top 10 calling name and call blocking apps. 

For your calls that are not being blocked, our technology shows you any call labels being applied to your calls.  Then, for your unblocked and unlabeled calls, see exactly what business name is being presented on the incoming call display when a call is placed to a consumer.

But visibility is only the beginning… 
We believe that just because a call center places a lot of outbound calls – it is not unreasonable to expect that most of these calls will not be blocked or labeled

That’s why Verified Entities* can add the free Number Mapper feature to their existing Number Sentry service to bypass improper Carrier Blocking and inaccurate Call Labeling.  Number Mapper also includes industry-leading Outbound Number Lifecycle Management tools to optimize your outbound calling number usage and administration.

*Restrictions apply.  The Number Mapper feature is only available to Number Mapper Verified Entities
in the Financial Services, Healthcare, Educational and Utility markets.

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