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Set the Map & Scrub options to be applied to this Automated Import Template. (required)

Select to automatically deliver Number Mapper Files using to this Template to the sftp location. Deselect to manually transfer your files. A copy will always be kept in the Manage Mapped File tab for your review.

When one or more contact numbers cannot be included in the mapper record due to blocking, reassign the remaining contact numbers so they are presented sequentially.

Import files delivered to this sftp directory will use the Map & Scrub settings you select here to create your Number Mapper Export file.

You may name the input and output directories used for this Automated Import template.

Tell us how to structure your template

Your Import and Number Mapper files can have up to 75 columns. Tell us where your contact phone numbers are. If more than 1 column is a contact phone number, tell us which column is Phone 1, Phone 2, etc.

Leave set to ‘No’ for Import templates. Your Number Mapper files can have up to 75 columns. If you want your Outbound Numbers in the Number Mapper file on a row by row basis, tell us where to place the OBN.

Your Import and Number Mapper files can have up to 75 columns. If you use Entity designations, tell us where to find the Entity.

Select desired padding for cases when the data is less than the field width.

Auto-Dedect assigns the same padding as the matching input column (default setting)

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